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Discover the hidden gem that is Masseria Le Stanzie, offering an authentic Italian experience in the breathtaking region of Puglia. This picturesque restaurant, located in Supersano, Italy, is a must-visit for those seeking farm-to-table dining and a gorgeous location.

Key Takeaways:

  • Masseria Le Stanzie is a hidden gem in Supersano, Italy, ranked #3 out of 7 restaurants in the area.
  • The restaurant offers a range of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, including vegetarian-friendly, vegan options, and gluten-free options.
  • The farm-to-table concept ensures that locally sourced ingredients are used to create delicious meals.
  • Visitors praise the unique atmosphere, exceptional service, and reasonable prices.
  • Booking in advance is recommended due to high demand.

Judging the Restaurant

When judging Masseria Le Stanzie, we considered several factors to determine its appeal and quality. Our assessment began with the overall dining experience, including the ambiance, service, and variety of dishes on offer. We also took into account the use of locally sourced ingredients and the commitment to sustainable practices. Through our analysis, we aimed to provide an objective evaluation of Masseria Le Stanzie, allowing potential visitors to make informed decisions.

One of the key aspects we evaluated was the taste and presentation of the food. Masseria Le Stanzie exceeded expectations in this regard, delivering delicious and visually appealing dishes that showcased the flavors of Italy and the region of Puglia. From the handmade pasta to the fresh seafood, each plate was a testament to the culinary expertise of the talented chefs.

Additionally, we considered the restaurant’s attention to detail and commitment to creating a memorable dining experience. The rustic crockery and charming decor added to the authenticity and charm of the place. The staff’s knowledge and passion for the food they served further enhanced the overall experience, ensuring that every guest felt welcomed and well taken care of.

Factors Considered: Evaluation:
Taste and presentation of the food Exceeded expectations
Attention to detail and overall experience Memorable and welcoming

In conclusion, Masseria Le Stanzie surpassed our expectations, offering a dining experience that encapsulates the essence of authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients, combined with their impeccable service and charming atmosphere, sets it apart as a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of Puglia’s culinary delights. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends and family, Masseria Le Stanzie is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The Most Recommended Dish

If there’s one dish you must try at Masseria Le Stanzie, it’s the highly recommended Antipasto della Masseria. This delightful appetizer perfectly captures the essence of authentic Italian flavors, showcasing the restaurant’s commitment to using locally sourced ingredients. The dish is a vibrant medley of fresh vegetables, cured meats, and artisanal cheeses, all meticulously arranged on a rustic wooden platter. Each bite is a harmonious blend of textures and tastes, allowing you to savor the true essence of Puglia.

The Antipasto della Masseria is a feast for the senses, featuring an array of colors, aromas, and flavors. From the tangy marinated olives to the creamy burrata cheese, every component is carefully selected to create a symphony of taste. The dish is accompanied by warm, crusty bread and drizzled with the restaurant’s homemade extra virgin olive oil, adding an extra layer of richness to the experience.

What makes this dish truly exceptional is the attention to detail in its preparation. The vegetables are sourced from the restaurant’s own garden, ensuring absolute freshness and quality. The meats and cheeses are sourced from local farms, supporting the community and promoting sustainable practices. Each element of the Antipasto della Masseria is thoughtfully chosen to showcase the best that Puglia has to offer.

Features Description
Ingredients Fresh vegetables, cured meats, artisanal cheeses
Flavors Tangy, creamy, savory
Accompaniments Warm, crusty bread and homemade extra virgin olive oil

When you visit Masseria Le Stanzie, do not miss the opportunity to indulge in the Antipasto della Masseria. It is a true representation of the restaurant’s dedication to providing an authentic Italian dining experience. From the first bite to the last, you will be transported to the heart of Puglia, savoring the flavors of the region in every mouthful. Bon appétit!

A Dish That Didn’t Quite Impress

While Masseria Le Stanzie offers an array of exceptional dishes, there was one particular dish that didn’t quite hit the mark. The Tagliatelle ai Funghi, a pasta dish with mushrooms, was disappointing in its execution. The pasta itself was slightly overcooked, lacking the desired al dente texture, and the mushrooms tasted slightly bland. The dish lacked the depth of flavor and the burst of umami that we had come to expect from the restaurant’s other offerings.

However, it’s important to note that this one dish did not overshadow the overall dining experience at Masseria Le Stanzie. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients is evident in the majority of their dishes, which are expertly prepared and bursting with authentic Italian flavors. The friendly and attentive service provided by the staff also added to the positive atmosphere of the establishment.

While the Tagliatelle ai Funghi may have missed the mark, it is worth mentioning that taste preferences can vary among individuals. Some guests may still find this dish enjoyable despite its shortcomings. It is always recommended to explore the diverse menu at Masseria Le Stanzie and discover the dishes that truly capture the essence of Italian cuisine.

Alternative Options to Consider

If you’re looking for alternative options that are sure to impress, we highly recommend trying the Gnocchi al Pomodoro or the Melanzane alla Parmigiana. Both dishes showcase the restaurant’s commitment to quality ingredients and traditional recipes. The Gnocchi al Pomodoro features light and pillowy potato dumplings, served with a rich tomato sauce that is both tangy and savory. The Melanzane alla Parmigiana is a delightful combination of thinly sliced eggplant, layered with a tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and Parmesan. Each bite offers a delectable melange of flavors, making these dishes standout choices that will leave a lasting impression.

Dish Description Price
Gnocchi al Pomodoro Light and pillowy potato dumplings in a rich tomato sauce £14.99
Melanzane alla Parmigiana Layered eggplant with tomato sauce, mozzarella, and Parmesan £12.99

Atmosphere, Vibe, and Feeling of the Restaurant

Step into Masseria Le Stanzie and be embraced by its warm and inviting atmosphere, transporting you to a bygone era. The restaurant is housed in a beautifully restored farmhouse, surrounded by lush olive groves and rolling hills, creating a tranquil and picturesque setting. With its rustic charm and traditional decor, Masseria Le Stanzie exudes an authentic Italian ambiance that resonates with both locals and visitors alike.

As you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by friendly staff who are passionate about providing an exceptional dining experience. The attentive service and attention to detail contribute to the overall positive vibe of the restaurant. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a casual meal, the staff at Masseria Le Stanzie will ensure you feel welcomed and taken care of.

The dining area features cozy seating arrangements, including both indoor and outdoor options. You can choose to dine in the charming courtyard, surrounded by fragrant flowers and the gentle sounds of nature, or opt for a table inside the elegant farmhouse. The soft lighting and tasteful decor create an intimate and soothing ambiance, perfect for a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends and family.

The atmosphere at Masseria Le Stanzie is further enhanced by the enticing aroma of freshly prepared dishes. The open kitchen allows you to catch a glimpse of the skilled chefs in action, as they expertly craft each dish with love and precision. Whether you’re indulging in traditional Italian classics or savoring innovative creations, every bite is bursting with flavor and reflects the restaurant’s commitment to using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients.

Atmosphere Vibe Feeling of Restaurant
Warm and inviting Authentic and charming Tranquil and picturesque
Attentive service Friendly and welcoming Cozy and intimate
Fragrant flowers Rustic and traditional Soothing and romantic
Freshly prepared dishes Skilled and passionate Flavorful and locally sourced ingredients

Masseria Le Stanzie truly offers a dining experience that goes beyond just a meal. The atmosphere, vibe, and overall feeling of the restaurant combine to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all who visit. Whether you’re seeking a romantic dinner, a family celebration, or simply a taste of authentic Italian cuisine in a stunning setting, Masseria Le Stanzie delivers on every level.

Location of the Restaurant

Nestled in the heart of Supersano, Masseria Le Stanzie boasts a truly gorgeous location, surrounded by rolling hills and scenic beauty. This hidden gem is the perfect escape for those seeking an authentic Italian experience. As you arrive, you’ll be greeted by the rustic charm of the farmhouse, which dates back to the 17th century. The breathtaking views of the countryside create a tranquil and serene atmosphere that sets the stage for a remarkable dining experience.

When you step outside, you’ll find yourself surrounded by olive groves and vineyards that produce the ingredients used in the farm-to-table dishes. The restaurant takes pride in using locally sourced, organic ingredients, ensuring the freshest and most flavorful meals. From handmade pasta to olive oil pressed on-site, every dish is prepared with love and attention to detail.

Whether you choose to dine indoors or al fresco, the beauty of the surroundings enhances the overall ambiance. The outdoor seating area offers a picturesque setting, where you can enjoy your meal while taking in the breathtaking views. As the day turns into evening, the soft glow of the sunset paints the landscape, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

In conclusion, Masseria Le Stanzie in Supersano, Italy is more than just a restaurant – it’s a destination. With its stunning location, farm-to-table dining experience, and warm hospitality, it’s no wonder why visitors rave about this hidden gem. If you’re looking for an authentic Italian culinary adventure, this is the place to be. Book your table in advance and get ready to indulge in a feast for the senses.

Prices of Food

At Masseria Le Stanzie, you can indulge in exceptional cuisine without breaking the bank, thanks to its reasonable prices. Whether you’re a foodie looking for an authentic Italian experience or a traveler on a budget, this restaurant offers delicious options to suit every taste and budget.

The menu features a wide range of dishes, including appetizers, homemade pastas, fresh seafood, and mouthwatering desserts. Prices start at just £8 for appetizers and range up to £20 for main courses. The restaurant also offers a selection of affordable wines and cocktails to complement your meal. Vegetarian-friendly, vegan options, and gluten-free choices are available, ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy.

Not only does Masseria Le Stanzie offer incredible value for money, but the quality of the food is also exceptional. The restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients, ensuring the freshest flavors in every dish. From the homemade pasta to the farm-fresh vegetables, every bite is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality.

Sample Menu

Appetizers Main Courses Desserts
Crostini with Tomato and Basil Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe Tiramisu
Bruschetta with Smoked Salmon Grilled Sea Bass with Lemon Sauce Panna Cotta
Caprese Salad Pork Tenderloin with Balsamic Glaze Gelato

So, whether you’re craving traditional Italian flavors or want to try something new, Masseria Le Stanzie offers a delightful dining experience at affordable prices. Be sure to book your table in advance to secure your spot at this hidden gem in Supersano, Italy.

Special Traits of the Restaurant

Masseria Le Stanzie prides itself on its dedication to locally sourced ingredients, ensuring a truly farm-to-table dining experience. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh, high-quality produce from the surrounding area is evident in every dish. From the homemade pasta to the flavorful olive oil, all elements of the menu are crafted with care and attention to detail.

One special trait that sets Masseria Le Stanzie apart is its rustic charm and relaxed atmosphere. Nestled in the heart of Supersano, this hidden gem exudes a sense of tranquility and authenticity. The interior decor features traditional elements, creating a cozy and inviting ambiance. It’s the perfect setting for a memorable meal with loved ones.

Another standout trait of Masseria Le Stanzie is its exceptional service. The staff is warm, friendly, and knowledgeable, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and well taken care of. Whether you have dietary restrictions or need recommendations from the menu, the attentive staff will go above and beyond to accommodate your needs.

The Farm-to-Table Experience

At Masseria Le Stanzie, the farm-to-table experience goes beyond just the food. The restaurant is situated on a picturesque estate, surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking views. Guests can take a leisurely stroll through the garden, where many of the ingredients are harvested, appreciating the connection between nature and the culinary creations.

The chef and his team are passionate about showcasing the flavors of the region, and this dedication shines through in every dish. The menu is carefully curated to highlight the seasonal produce and traditional recipes of Puglia. Each bite is a celebration of Italian gastronomy, showcasing the rich heritage and culinary expertise of the region.

When dining at Masseria Le Stanzie, you can expect a truly authentic Italian experience. From the farm-fresh ingredients to the welcoming ambiance, every aspect of this restaurant is designed to create a memorable and enjoyable dining experience. So, if you find yourself in Supersano, make sure to visit Masseria Le Stanzie and indulge in the flavors of Puglia.


In conclusion, Masseria Le Stanzie offers an unforgettable experience, combining authentic Italian cuisine, a stunning location, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We highly recommend visiting this hidden gem for a taste of the best that Puglia has to offer.

Located in Supersano, Italy, Masseria Le Stanzie is a hidden gem that has garnered rave reviews from visitors. With a rating of 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor and over 1,798 reviews, it is clear that this restaurant has captured the hearts and palates of many.

What sets Masseria Le Stanzie apart is its commitment to authenticity and farm-to-table dining. The restaurant prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients, ensuring that every dish is fresh and bursting with flavor. From homemade pasta to their own olive oil, the attention to detail is evident in every bite.

But it’s not just the food that impresses. The restaurant is set in a stunning location, surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of Puglia. With its rustic charm and rich history, Masseria Le Stanzie offers an ambiance that is both cozy and enchanting. Whether you choose to dine inside or enjoy your meal al fresco, you are guaranteed a truly memorable experience.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that dining at Masseria Le Stanzie is an affordable luxury. With reasonable prices and exceptional service, it’s no wonder that this restaurant is highly recommended by both locals and tourists alike. However, due to its popularity, it is advisable to book in advance to secure your spot at this culinary haven.

So, if you’re looking for an authentic Italian experience in a gorgeous location, Masseria Le Stanzie is the place to be. Indulge in the flavors of Puglia, soak in the breathtaking scenery, and let the warm and welcoming atmosphere make you feel right at home. A visit to this hidden gem is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories and a longing to return.


Is Masseria Le Stanzie a highly rated restaurant?

Yes, Masseria Le Stanzie has a rating of 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor with over 1,798 reviews.

What types of cuisine does Masseria Le Stanzie offer?

Masseria Le Stanzie offers a variety of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Does Masseria Le Stanzie cater to specific dietary needs?

Yes, Masseria Le Stanzie offers vegetarian-friendly, vegan options, and gluten-free options.

What meals can be enjoyed at Masseria Le Stanzie?

Masseria Le Stanzie serves lunch, dinner, and after-hours meals.

Does Masseria Le Stanzie use locally sourced ingredients?

Yes, Masseria Le Stanzie prides itself on using locally sourced ingredients, with everything from pasta to olive oil made on-site.

What do reviewers say about Masseria Le Stanzie?

Reviews about Masseria Le Stanzie vary. Some mention the rustic crockery and basic cuisine, while others rave about the farm-to-table experience and exceptional service.

What is the atmosphere like at Masseria Le Stanzie?

Masseria Le Stanzie offers a unique atmosphere that is highly praised by visitors.

Are the prices at Masseria Le Stanzie reasonable?

Yes, Masseria Le Stanzie is known for its reasonable prices.

Should I book in advance to dine at Masseria Le Stanzie?

Yes, it is recommended to book in advance due to high demand at Masseria Le Stanzie.

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